Stay ahead of the competition with integrated, cost-effective airline revenue accounting processes

Benefit from fast, intelligent reports and much more.


SkyTRAACS – Passenger & Cargo Revenue and Cost Accounting


Full interline pro-ration via automated DCS messaging

Extensive flight / route performance analysis


Why do Airlines need an integrated back office system?

SkyTRAACS offers Airlines a complete end-to-end Back Office System with fully integrated financial accounting capabilities. It can be integrated with rgw airline's PSS and other Operations Systems which automatically creates all necessary financial entries.

Improve profitability

Improve profitability through agile decision making enabled by detailed financial reporting and data analysis.

Better visibility

Better visibility of ticketed revenue thru 100% auditing of flight coupons.

Reduces revenue leakage

Reduces revenue leakage through automated GSA & Agency commissions and interline settlements.

Reduce manpower

Significantly reduces manpower requirements in back-office operations by automation.

Improves revenue & cost performances

Supports timely & more effective decisions which drives improved revenue and cost performances.

Key features

Billing and Collection

Automated Billing Process by integrating PSS system

Automatic Reconciliation with BSP HOT/RET Files

Interline Receivable

Agency collection and settlement

Billing of cargo and chartered flights

Key features

Payable Accounting

Automated Interline Accounting

Automated Airport Tax Accounting

Supplier Invoice Management (IATA IS-XML Compatible)

Payments and settlement

Key features

Cost Accounting

Flight Wise Cost Accounting

Fuel Management & Accounting

Automated GSA & Agency Commission Management

Flight Consumables & Spare Parts Management

Key features

Revenue Accounting

Revenue accounting for Passenger, Cargo and Charter flights

Automated Flight/Coupon Revenue Accounting

Integrated with DCS for automated pro-ration of revenue accounting

Key features

Financial Accounting

All General Financial Accounting Features

Fixed Assets Management

Completely Multi Currency Compatible

Key features

Reports and Data Analysis

Complete Financial Reporting (P&L, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet)

Daily sales reports for revenue, passenger & yield performance etc.

Point Of Sales reports for Top Agents, Top Destinations etc.

Flight and Route profitability reports